Brut Lugana D.O.P. Metodo Classico

Cantariva - Cà Maiol

Our Cantariva Brut Lugana D.O.P. Metodo Classico is the Estate’s top sparkling wine: it is made from specially selected grapes, picked early in order to obtain a must with higher acidity, thus guaranteeing greater freshness and fragrance.


Cantariva Brut Lugana D.O.P. Metodo Classico è l’espressione migliore dell’esperienza spumantistica dell’Azienda. Nasce da una selezione di uve raccolte anticipatamente, per ottenere un mosto con più acidità in modo da garantire maggiore freschezza e fragranza.

Il Cantariva Brut Lugana D.O.P. Metodo Classico is made by the Estate from Turbiana di Lugana grapes and is produced as a vintage wine in exceptional years. Its characteristic “bread crust” nose develops thanks to the wine’s maturation on its lees for at least 18 months.

It is released for consumption after a minimum of 3 months’ “marriage” with the liqueur d’expédition, whose secret recipe has been handed down since 1990.

Tasting notes

Grape variety: Turbiana 
Color: Straw yellow with a delicate smooth perlage.
Nose: The clean bouquet offers hints of Williams pear, marjoram, yeast undertones and light balsamic nuances.
Mouth: Fresh and soft, light hints of fruit with a tart finish.
Alcohol volume: 12,5% Vol
Serving temperature: 6°- 8° C
Pairing: With all meals, but best with raw smoked fish such as salmon and fresh cheeses with a strong flavor.

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