Sebastian Brut


Sebastian Brut - Cà Maiol

Sebastian Brut takes its name from the founder of Cascina Maiolo, the notary Sebastiano Maioli, who is commemorated on the keystone above the doorway to the estate’s manor house. The grapes are harvested early to give the must greater acidity and then carefully fermented at a low temperature to create a wine which is the ideal candidate for a second fermentation in autoclaves and ageing on the lees to create an exceptionally fragrant cuvée with a fine and delicate effervescence.

Tasting notes

Grape variety: White grapes.
Color: Bright, shiny straw yellow with intense, creamy effervescence.

Rich with notes of citrus, yellow apple and loquat. In the glass, oxygenation liberates the wines floral and crisp fruit scents with a hint of herbs.


On the palate, the bubbles unleash their full creaminess. Soft with the perfect balance between freshness, minerality and fragrant finish.

Alcohol volume: 12,5% Vol
Serving temperature: 6°- 8° C

Born to be an aperitif, a great partner to sushi, raw fish and meat, and flavoursome antipasti.

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