Sebastian Brut

Vino Spumante

Sebastian Brut - Cà Maiol

Our Sebastian Brut takes its name from the founder of the Maiolo Farm, notary Sebastiano Maioli, who is remembered on the keystone above the door of the manor house.

The early harvesting of grapes that are suitable for making a base wine with higher acidity, together with the use of indigenous yeasts, allows us to produce a wine that can undergo refermentation in pressurized tanks for several months, thus obtaining a cuvée with a very fragrant nose and an extremely delicate perlage.

Tasting notes

Grape variety: White berry vines
Color: Straw yellow with a numerous creamy effervescence.
Nose: Yellow persimmon and walnut apple complex - the oxidation in the glass liberates perfumes of sambuco flower, basil, light fragrant and biscuity nuances.
Mouth: On the palate the effervescence expresses all its creaminess. Soft with a balance between the acidic components - an almondy finish.
Alcohol volume: 12,5% Vol
Serving temperature: 8 - 10° C
Pairing: A choice wine for cocktail functions, sushi cuisine, pastries, tarts and savouries of every kind.

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