Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico D.O.P. Chiaretto

Roseri - Cà Maiol

We called our Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico D.O.P. Chiaretto “Roseri” due to the delicacy of its fragrance, which recalls that of a rosebud.

It is obtained from the vinification of four red grape varieties of the Lake Garda area: Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera. Once these grapes have been harvested and left to cryomacerate at a low temperature for 48 hours, they yield a deeply-colored must, rich in elegance and body. This is often referred to as a “one-night wine”, because historically – in order to obtain its characteristic pink color – it was left for one night in contact with the skins. The particular structure thus obtained gives this Chiaretto greater longevity (even a few years), yet its fragrance always remains intact.

From the clayey soils of the southern part of Lake Garda derive the tangy flavor and floral aroma that make it a perfect accompaniment for the typical local dishes.

Tasting notes

Grape variety: Groppello, Barbera, Sangiovese and Marzemino
Color: A delicate rose shade with powder pink reflections.
Nose: Its simplicity reflects its high quality, peach blossom, pomegranate, incense and lychees.
Mouth: Smooth and of a good persistence, with flavor in evidence - such as white peach and sage in the finish.
Alcohol volume: 12,5% Vol
Serving temperature: 10 - 12° C
Pairing: Oven baked whitefish or bigoli fresh pasta with lake shrimps and yellow mushrooms. 

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