Negresco - Cà Maiol
The first foray into red for Cà Maiol began with the 1988 vintage and our Negresco shares its name with the legendary hotel on the French Riviera. It is a legend the wine embodies with a sensory profile that is the culmination of a process which has been crafted, like the fairy-tale hotel, as a celebration of style rather than provenance. The diversity of the selected grapes, their unusual composition, the grape drying process, a focus on extracting maximum flavour during fermentation, and over a year spent ageing in French oak barriques; these are the means used to create a symphony of aromas and tastes which are simultaneously joyful, refined and addictive.

Tasting notes

Grape variety: Red grape variety from the Lake Garda area.
Color: Deep purplish red. 
Nose: A tangible hit of red and black berry fruits, dark spices and woody notes.
Mouth: Fleshy with a caressing mouth feel. Silky and precise tannins, refreshing, dynamic progression and a finish which thrums with fruit and spice.
Alcohol volume: 14% Vol
Serving temperature: 14 - 16° C
Pairing: Spicy pasta and rice dishes, barbecued, roast and spit-roaste meats, mature cheeses.

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