Valtènesi D.O.P.

Negresco - Cà Maiol

The choice of this name is linked to that of the famous “Le Negresco” Hotel at Nice on the French Riviera.

The fruit for our Negresco wine comes from the Valtènesi’s top-quality vineyards: Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera  grapes are selected to produce, after a long fermentation on their skins, a wine that is modern but full of character. The product thus obtained has a rich, concentrated structure that allows it to be aged for about 18 months in specially selected 225-liter French oak barriques, so that it attains full maturation and the harmonization of all its nuances of taste and aroma.

Negresco was Cà Maiol’s first red wine, launched as it was with the 1988 vintage.

Tasting notes

Grape variety: Groppello, Barbera, Sangiovese and Marzemino
Color: Rubin deep with purple reflections.
Nose: Full rounded nose, smells of toasted almond dryed red fruits and underwood.
Mouth: Warm, full-bodied with notes of mature fruit, tobacco and spices.
Alcohol volume: 13,5% Vol
Serving temperature: 16 - 18° C
Pairing: Medium cooked meats, roasts and spiedi with baked potatoes, first courses such as lasagne.

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