Giomè - Cà Maiol

The choice of this name is linked to a word used in Ancient Rome, “Giomelle”, which signifies “the union of two things”. Indeed, Giomè represents the union of two elements: a grape variety that is indigenous to the hinterland of Lake Garda, Groppello, with a blend made up of Marzemino, Barbera and Sangiovese, varieties that have nevertheless been present in this zone for a long time.

After separate vinification and maturation of these varieties in stainless steel, we create an assemblage whose result is Giomè: a fresh, well-balanced, medium-bodied wine.

Tasting notes

Grape variety: Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera, Sangiovese
Nose: The smell reminds us of berries, a hint of tobacco and spices.
Alcohol volume.: 13,5% Vol
Serving temperature: 12°- 14° C
Pairing: Fried or grilled red meats, perfect with game.

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