Cà Maiol and Centopercento Garda

Cà Maiol and Centopercento Garda


Garda extra virgin olive oil, Garronese Veneta del Baldo. Wild herbs, always coming from the same mountain area, rabbit, fish from the lake and wine. What better represents the region than native food products?

This is what Leandro Luppi, star chef of the Ristorante Vecchia Malcesine, thought when he decided, together with the staff of Cà Maiol, to create Centopercento Garda in the town on the Veronese lakeside.  A program designed to enhance the territory, between tradition and innovation.

Twelve restaurants in Malcesine joined, including in the menu a special dish created to celebrate the Garda, its territory and its products. Between classic interpretations and transformative visions, the participants of the event portrayed the local ingredients according to their sensitivity. With our winery, sponsor of the event, we have paired each dish with a bottle. The mission is to enhance the flavors, match the aromas and give impulse to this sensory journey by adding the wine dimension.

Centopercento Garda is an idea born in summer but designed to stay. The places where you can find combinations are:

  • Cà del Tocio
  • Vidoc
  • Trattoria da Nonna Pina
  • Al Gondoliere
  • San Remo
  • Locanda Monte Baldo
  • Ristorante Hotel Cassone
  • Paradiso Perduto
  • Rossovivo
  • L'artigiano dei Sapori
  • Ristorante Hotel al Molino
  • Vecchia Malcesine

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